Can I apply online, or must I come to the office and fill out an application?

Yes, you can apply online. Simply click here on “online application” and fill out completely and hit send. You will be required to pay an application fee which can be done with either a credit card or a check.

How much emphasis is put on the applicant’s credit?

Although credit is part of the criteria, it is not the only criteria. We use three components when looking at an application. The first component and the most important is a three-year rental history. The second component is the length of time on your current job or in your industry. The third component is your credit.

If I have a previous eviction on my record, will you still consider my application?

Unfortunately, No!

Do you accept pets?

Unfortunately, No

Will you make an exception because my pet is very special and house broken, de-clawed, neutered and speaks five languages?

Unfortunately, No!

How long of a lease is required?

12 Months

How much money is required to move in?

The first month’s rent and the security deposit.

What if I don’t quite have the first months and security deposit? Can I pay some now and the rest in two weeks?

No. The entire amount due must be paid in advance before moving in.

If my rental application is denied, will I get my application fee refunded?

Unfortunately, No!

How long does it take for an application to be approved?

Depending on how long it takes to get in touch with previous and current landlords, anywhere between one and 3 days.

What if I just got out of school and have not established any credit and have no rental history, will you still consider my application?

Yes, depending on several factors. Are you currently employed? What your current income is? Can anyone co-sign for you?

Can you explain how your seller financing works?

Pomerance Properties will act essentially as a bank. We will require a down payment and will finance the remaining amount.

Why would someone want to go with your seller financing vs. get a loan from a bank?

Several reasons. Less down payment, less stringent on credit criteria, no closing fees, no hassle.

If I finance with you, can I refinance?

Yes, you can refinance at any time without any prepay penalty.